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Eye See…Eye Learn (ESEL) is coming to Barrie! Book your child’s eye appointment today.


Eye See…Eye Learn (ESEL) is coming to Barrie! Book your child’s eye appointment today.

Eye See…Eye Learn (ESEL) is coming to Barrie!  Book your child’s eye appointment today.

With March break almost upon us, it is difficult to think of school.  But for children entering kindergarten this fall, parents will find information on an exciting program in their registration package.

Starting July 1st, 2013 the Ontario Association of Optometrists in partnership with the Government of Ontario and the Simcoe school boards, will be introducing the Eye See…Eye Learn program.   The ESEL program provides comprehensive eye examinations by participating local optometrists to junior kindergarten kids and if glasses are needed, one pair will be provided at no charge.  This involves assessment of visual acuity, refractive error, eye co-ordination and eye health.

The program aims to raise awareness among parents of the importance of identifying and treating vision problems early because younger children respond better to treatment than older children.

Without a complete eye examination, many eye or vision problems remain undetected at school entry.  Left uncorrected, these problems negatively impact child development, education and quality of life.  This can also restrict future employment opportunities and increase the risk of bilateral visual impairment in adulthood.

We have an opportunity to positively change the lives of hundreds of students through this free program and give parents the peace of mind of knowing how well their child can see.  If you have a little one entering school this fall, call Dr. Mei-Ling Chan’s optometry office in Barrie to book an appointment!

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