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Fashionable sunglasses that protect the whole family’s eyes in Barrie


Fashionable sunglasses that protect the whole family’s eyes in Barrie

  • Did you know UV rays from cold winter days pose as much of a danger to unprotected eyes as rays from warm sunny ones?
  • Did you know that the average child receives three times the annual sun exposure as an adult, and because children’s crystalline lenses are not fully developed, less of the UV rays are filtered and more are transmitted inside the eyes? Since UV damage is cumulative, the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays last forever.
  • Did you know that glare (bright light) is not only distracting (causing squint and eye fatigue), it can also be dangerous. The incidence of car accidents is several folds higher for drivers making left hand turns while facing the sun.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation by ensuring your sunglasses block out 100% of UV rays.
  • Ensure healthy sight for your children today and for a lifetime. Protect their eyes early, as we do their skin. Transition lenses are great choices for children who wear glasses already.
  • Look into polarizing lenses that eliminate reflected glare and dazzling light; improve contrast and provide more vivid colours. They offer high visual performance and protection at work and at play. Drivewear lenses combine the transition and polarizing technology for the ultimate protection of drivers’ eyes.

Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry offers all protective

sun lenses as well as stylish, quality sunglass frames. In addition to well-known brands like Ray Ban, the office recently introduced the Vittorio line. Made in Italy of high quality material, with superior craftsmanship, the line focuses on style, comfort and quality. It is the eyewear of choice for those looking for fashionable eyewear with enduring quality. Ask Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry about sun protection for your eyes.

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