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MICHAEL KORS EYEWEAR is here at Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry!

Michael Kors Sunglasses
MK Ophthalmic frames 3

Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry is thrilled to introduce our newest line of frames – the MICHAEL KORS EYEWEAR. The collection includes both ophthalmic frames as well as sunglasses. The frames are made of acetate (including the exclusive vintage tortoise) and metal (including the rose gold metal that matches Michael Kors’ signature rose gold plating). And the sunglasses also come with flash mirror (orange, rose and silver) lenses with an anti-reflection back coating.

The line of eyewear comes in three collections. GLAM is the rich and chic collection interpreted in a luxurious way. SEXY is the fashionable collection enhanced by sexy detailing. SPORTY adds a sporty touch on modern designs collection. Also, the Miranda Eyewear Special Project takes inspiration from the Michael Kors Miranda bags’ leather and metal knot. The frames shapes are interpreted with different temple inserts – leather, metal and Swarovski stones.

The GLAM collection includes the chain link, punched charm, the repeat charm and the exploded charm. The chain link is a symbol of elegance. The Zermatt MK 4020B (see picture) and Maldives MK 3002B both show the chain link with Swarovski crystals, as do the Fiji MK 1003 and the Andorra MK 2008B. The punched charm is an iconic signature of Michael Kors. In the frames Deer Valley MK 8005 and Courmayeur MK 8003, this is interpreted in metal and leather. The repeat charm is a sign of timeless heritage for Michael Kors Creations, seen in the likes of the Cuiaba MK 6013 and Delray MK 6011. The exploded charm – a recognizable logo treatment within Michael Kors – is used in frames like the Ravenna MK 8001, Amagansett MK 7001 and Anguilla MK 8002 (see picture). In the GLAM collection, the Miranda Eyewear Special Project uses Baquette Swarovski Stones on the temples for frames like the Lido MK4001 MB and Paris MK 2002 MB (see picture).

MK 4020 B

MK 4020 B

MK 2002MB

MK 2002 MB


MK 8002

The SEXY collection includes the Pave Story and Signature Logo. The Pave Story inspired by the light-catching pave stones is used by Michael Kors in watches and Jewelry and can be seen in frames such as the Portillo MK 4021B, Quisisana MK 4022B (see picture) and Palm Beach MK 1004 B. The Signature Logo – a mix of brand heritage and fashion sophistication – can be seen in frames like the Medellin MK 8006 (see picture) and Tahiti MK 6007. In the SEXY collection, the Miranda Eyewear Special Project uses snake print leather detail on the temple, which is seen in the Brazil MK 2002 QM and the Panama MK 2004Q.

MK 4022 B

MK 4022 B

MK 8006

MK 8006

The SPORTY collection includes modern screw, multi colour screw and soft touch. The Soft Touch collection represents a young and fresh expression of style and fashion in a sporty attitude. Frames like the MK 8009, Paphos MK 5005 and the Chelsea MK 5004 is part of this collection. The MK 2002 uses two-tone metal detail on the temple. The collection Modern Screw has a refined logo treatment by detailing it with screws. Frames like the MK 4016, MK 4002, and MK 1001 are part of the Multi Color Screw Collection.

Come in to Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry in Barrie, and see our MICHAEL KORS EYEWEAR collection!

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