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An Iconic Tint now becomes part of the new Transitions Signature VII series – from your Barrie Optometrist


JFK, James Dean, Tom Cruise in Top Gun – need I say more?

President Kennedy

In the 1950s, the graphite green lens were applied to sunglasses worn by U.S. Navy pilots based on research that showed the gray-green color helps pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as earth, sky and water.  Since then, iconic figures from movie stars to politicians have been seen on the big screens, in their vacation destinations, and out and about in equally iconic sunglasses in this colour.

So this month, patients can reap the benefits of the transition technology in this stylish tint. The latest generation of Transitions (Signature VII series) react better to indirect light and become darker than ever in higher temperatures. The tint also provides truer perception of colours in a fashionable look. Best of all, your eyes are protected against the sun’s UV radiation at all times. Research has shown the many adverse effects of UV radiation on the health of the eyes, from accelerating the development of cataracts to causing the sight robbing condition macular degenerations.   As the popular Transition slogan goes – healthy eyes in every light.

So come in to Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry today for your eye examination, and see whether the latest gray-green Transitions is right for you.

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