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One more reason to replace your contact lens case – from your Barrie Optometrist


One more reason to replace your contact lens case – from your Barrie Optometrist

Bacterial keratitis is a serious eye infection that occurs when the corneal (front layer of the eyes) defenses are breached.  In addition to corneal trauma and eyelid disease, hypoxic trauma from contact lens wear is another cause for this condition.  The latest scenario sets up an ‘ideal’ condition for any bugs inhabiting the contact lenses, or lens solutions or contact lens casesto invade the eye.  Coincidentally, the most common cause of bacteriCorneal Ulceral keratitis in contact lens wearers is dirty contact lens cases.  Yet, not a lot of patients have been told to replace their contact lens cases every 3 months.  The irony is that most new purchase of contact lens solutions is accompanied by a new case – free!  Perhaps most people feel it is a bit of a waste since the cases are perfectly functional.  Well, now you can use them for something else.  Recently, a patient of mine, who is a flight attendant, mentioned she uses her husband’s contact lens cases to store her face cream during her flights.  Now is that not ingenious!

With summer just around the corner, and people spending more time outdoors than inside, there are even more benefits to wearing contact lenses.  Families tend to do a lot of things in and around the water (be it in lakes, pools, or oceans) during the summer months.  As I’ve always advised my patients, you should not wear contact lenses while swimming.  I would be lying, however, if I say all my patients listen to me!  This brings me to the topic of daily disposable lenses.  To me, this is by far the most convenient and healthy contact lens wear modality.  In addition, there is the added benefit of not having to purchase contact lens solutions, cases, etc.  And as I mentioned before, no added risk of the solutions, lens cases getting contaminated and causing the patients to develop an eye infection.  Furthermore, a lot of companies have added incentive in the way of rebates for those purchasing daily disposable contact lenses.  So come in and visit us at Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry in Barrie to have your eyes examined and discuss if contact lens is right for you.

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