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One more reason to replace your contact lens case – from your Barrie Optometrist

Bacterial keratitis is a serious eye infection that occurs when the corneal (front layer of the eyes) defenses are breached.  In addition to corneal trauma and eyelid disease, hypoxic trauma from contact lens wear is another cause for this condition.  The latest scenario sets up an ‘ideal’ condition for any bugs inhabiting the contact lenses, […]

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Why stay with one eye doctor?

Patients will sometimes tell me they ‘bounce’ around when it comes to where they have their eyes examined.  If there is a sale on glasses at Costco, they would get their glasses and eye exam done there.  When it’s time for another pair of glasses, if there is a deal to be had at Walmart, […]

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2 Innovative Lenses: Introductory Progressive Lenses and Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Introductory Progressive Lenses – the “training wheels” of Progressive (No-line bifocal) Lenses It’s common for new presbyopic patients (those with “old eyes”) to put off getting progressive lenses, and just “make do” with over-the-counter readers.  But they are missing out on the opportunity to adjust to the world of progressive lenses.  They may think that […]

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Safety of Prescription Glasses ordered online

In our increasing internet-based society today, online purchase is the norm for many.  The same Boxing Day and post-holiday sales that we have traditionally lined up for in brick-and-mortar stores are now available on the internet.  Eyeglass purchases are no exception.  However, the next time you consider purchasing your eye wear online, consider this:  Who […]

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Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry introduces se. from Scandinavian Eyewear

The se. line from Scandinavian Eyewear New to our office is the se. line from Scandinavian Eyewear.  This Swedish eyewear company has been designing frames since 1948.  With its classic skaga brand, the company’s design has a clear emphasis on the Scandinavian style.   The company has also partnered with our local lab Barrie Ophthalmic (BOC).  […]

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Dr. Mei-Ling Chan Optometry in Barrie can help you cope with the itchy and watery eyes associated with spring eye allergies

Looking forward to spring but not the itchy, watery eyes that spring allergens bring?  With the warmer weather also comes the world of spring allergens – weeds, spores, grass, tree pollens.  For those who suffer from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, symptoms of itching, burning/stinging, swelling and tearing will be in overdrive and apt to stay for […]

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